Brought Together By Strong Ties to the Alma Mater CADET COLLEGE HASAN ABDAL (CCH)
The Abdalians Association of Canada also known as “TAAC” is registered as a not-for-profit, non-political, non- religious organization open for Abdalians or alumni of Cadet College Hasanabdal (CCH) residing in Canada. The time we all spent at CCH makes us proud to say, “Once an Abdalian, Always an Abdalian“. TAAC is based on this spirit. It is a unified platform with the aim of promoting and facilitating diversity, fostering social relationships between Abdalians, their families and other communities in Canada. MANAGING COMMITTEE A managing committee is formed for a period of two years, with following founding members: Patron: Khalid Usman President: Dr. Khaqan Khan Vice-President: Rahat Jalal General Secretary: Azhar Shah Treasurer: Aamir Masood Asim Ibrahim (Director) Ahmed Saeed (Director) Asim Elahi (Director) Khurram Qureshi (Director) Abdul Samad Khan (Director) Dr. Yasser Haider (Director) ADVISORY COMMITTEE Dr. Tayyab Khan Hassan Salahuddin Rizwan Malik Pervez Qureshi Imran Mir Aseem Hashmi Shayan Altaf TASK FORCES Task forces are volunteer based and specific to projects or events, as decided by the managing committee. Task force volunteer work is open to all Abdalians and their family members ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) An annual general meeting of all Abadlians across Canada will be held once every year. .
Since 1952 Cadet College Hasan Abdal has been offering talented students a unique experience in character building, academic excellence, and leadership.
President’s Message I feel honoured to serve as President of TAAC, an organization which is registered in Canada in July 2019. Prior to official registration, Abdalians in Canada have been informally doing their get togethers and parties with their alma mater on individual basis. It is due to the endless efforts of a core think tank group of motivated Abdalians, that we were able to form a unified platform of TAAC. TAAC is a very young association launched recently, we have developed unique goals and objectives. I believe that we can flourish and achieve such goals, only and importantly with a unified support of all members of TAAC as well as from Abdalians all across globe in this modern global village era. I feel proud that through an effective team effort, Canadian Abdalians were able to contribute to raise funds for a free Ambulance service in a city in Pakistan on the appeal of our beloved former teacher of CCH. This is just a beginning !!! Finally, I sincerely request and encourage Abdalians all across Canada to step up and join official TAAC membership, and the Abdalian families to join TAAC committees thereby contributing in noble causes and better meeting our goals. I along with the Management/Advisory Committee team welcome your suggestions to further cherish TAAC and make it a more engaged organization. Thank you very much and look forward to your support in strengthening TAAC. Dr Khaqan Khan, President, TAAC